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Ongoing Reporting to Affected Communities

Provided by IFC Sustainable Business Advisory

  1. If there are concerns or complaints from affected communities about environmental and/or social risks and impacts, we communicate with them in the following way:

    We do not communicate with anyone about our company’s operations.
    We acknowledge receipt of their request and tell them we will handle it internally.
    We respond if the affected community contacts us with a specific request for information.
    We provide the affected community with a report in the local language and in an easily understandable format on a regular basis and any time there is a significant update.
    In addition to regular reports and updates as described above, the affected community can access the current status of cases through a variety of communication channels.
    In addition to direct reports to the affected community, we also issue annual reports meeting the Global Reporting Initiative’s guidelines.

  2. The following best describes the information that we report back to affected communities:

    We do not communicate with anyone about our company’s operations.
    We inform the individual or group that presented a grievance about the actions taken.
    We report to affected communities on our action plans and resolution of the issues identified during the stakeholder engagement process or through our grievance mechanism.
    We regularly report on the progress of our commitments and on those aspects of our operations that have been identified as important by the affected communities (e.g., impact of effluents on local streams, jobs created, etc.).
    Besides reporting on the progress of our commitments and aspects of our operations, we report on the outcomes and impacts of what we have put in place.
    Affected communities participate in the monitoring of the commitments, aspects and impacts that they have identified as important.

  3. The following describes the channels that we use for reporting and receiving feedback from the affected community:

    • Meetings (reporting out and receiving feedback)
    • Website (reporting out)
    • Dedicated email address (receiving feedback)
    • Dedicated phone line (receiving feedback)
    • Town hall (reporting out and receiving feedback)
    • Presentations at forums, training workshops and conventions (reporting out)
    • Written reports (reporting out)
    • Direct mail (reporting out)
    • Brochures, flyers, banners (reporting out)
    • Advertisements in local publications (reporting out)
    • Surveys (receiving feedback)

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