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Success Story- Cellular Planet Limited

Sankersingh1b.jpgFrom these humble beginnings with one (1) store the company has expanded its franchise to over nine (9) stores in Trinidad and one (1) in Tobago and also has expanded its reach to neighbouring Barbados and even penetrated the American market, which even though the store no longer exists, gave Cellular Planet's directors invaluable exposure to how the North American cellular market operates

“When Cellular Planet Limited started business just about 9 years ago, we pretty much had to develop many of our own comprehensive procedures and guidelines and particularly more so over the years in our quest to become best practice practitioners. In reviewing and using this site I am happy to be able to declare that in many ways it showcases many of the same documents and procedures etc that we have ourselves come to use and are still continuing to fine-tune as we go forward. In many ways, our growing success can be attributed to our determined will to constantly refining many of the business habits we have cultivated, while still fundamentally respecting the basic business tenets and utilization of proper tools in way in which we conduct our day-to-day business affairs.

I would strongly recommend the use of this “tool” for any budding entrepreneur as it provides easy to use, quick, visible and easy access to documents and guidelines that could very easily assist a small company in developing the right way. I am impressed with how quickly it is to navigate through the site and how easily files can be downloaded for use in preformatted MS Office compatible configurations. In fact, the site is quite informative and can be educational for many"

Mr.Geevan Sankersingh, Managing Director, Cellular Planet Limited.

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