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Introducing Resource Efficiency Strategies to Small Businesses

Content provided by PREMAnet, content partner of SME Toolkit

The promotion of resource efficiency is a powerful strategy for sustainable business success. Through the reduction of energy or water consumption, as well as through a reduced amount of waste generated in the production processes, companies can:

  • Reduce costs of production and improve resource efficiency.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Enhance organisational capabilities of employees.

The following case studies show how SMEs all over the world have taken meaningful action to reduce costs, increase productivity and satisfy clients while at the same time reducing business risks and protecting the environment.

Learn how companies have successfully promoted different aspects of environmental management and have at the same time reduced their production costs. All companies have successfully participated in a Profitable Environmental Management Training. 

Reducing Energy Consumption

Eliminating Hazardous Products

Improving Health and Safety

Ensuring Resource Efficiency

Minimizing Waste and Waste Water

Decreasing Water Consumption

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