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Story: Enhancing Presentation Skills

Mr. Sanjaya Shrestha is the Business Development Manager for Nepasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a software solutions company in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha needed to give sales presentations as a routine part of his new job, but when he started in the position, he was not confident in his presentation skills.

Earlier this year, Mr. Shrestha learned about the BizMantra Toolkit while reading The Kathmandu Post. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) developed the SME Toolkit to promote local small business growth in developing nations like Nepal by providing free access to business management content and tools. The project in Nepal launched in November 2004 as BizMantra Toolkit, which is managed by a consortium of private companies, including The Kathmandu Post.

When Mr. Shrestha logged on to www.bizmantra.org, he quickly found tools for assisting managers in honing their presentation skills. After studying the relevant articles and using related tools, he now feels comfortable giving presentations independently.

In fact, while talking to the BizMantra Secretariat, Mr. Shrestha explains that BizMantra helped him increase sales and bring in new opportunities for his business: His new presentation skills played an important role in his landing three new big corporate clients. Impressed with his own results, he invited his colleagues to use the BizMantra Toolkit as well. Now, Nepasoft’s account manager has taken a keen interest in local information on Value Added Tax (VAT), e-commerce, and legal and insurance content, and the company is considering reviewing their accounting practices in light of the available information.

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